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How to Overcome Worries of Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a big responsibility, and you have to take big decisions. It is natural to have worry and self doubt. Here are 8 common worries of budding entrepreneurs and how to overcome them.

1. I am not bright enough:
Once you have given a thought and planned where and what you want to be, start figuring out how you could get there. Focus on qualities you possess that will help you grow your business.

2. I am not rich enough:
With best of planning and business growth strategies you can run a business with minimal needed resources. Plan wisely and strategise your expenses.

3. I will fail:
You fail when you accept a situation as a failure. Otherwise it is learning. Slow down and review. Correct and take action.

4. Rivals will eat me alive:
In fact, the opposite is usually the case. Young, small businesses generally perform better and come with new ideas.

5. I am not pushy enough:
Do you like doing business with pushy people or do you prefer nice reasonable people? Pushy people are often less successful than you might think.

6. I am naturally pessimistic:
This means you will not make false assumptions and step into the dark without a torch. It’s good to see both sides of the coin.

7. I do not take risks:
There is difference between taking risk and taking calculated risk. Calculated risks are necessary for growth. Else we might never take any new action.

8. I know my failings:

We all know what we are bad at and we all underestimate the value of our strengths. No one is perfect nor is any business. That is why there is a lot of scope for improvement for you too. Focus on what you do well.

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