Hi, I am Suresh

I am a Learner, Believer, Artist Doer & a Finisher.
This realisation did not set me early in my life , so like everyone else I was a part of the rat race & did my Graduation from IIT - Kanpur. At that point I was a Mechanical Engineer. Like everyone else I started working on a job which paid well for my materialistic needs. My Soul was empty though. I realised that while I was working I was not me - I realised this was not what I was made for. I took a leap of faith and got into photography and filmmaking.I had a Senior Diploma in fine arts from Kalaniketan, Kolkata to back up my beliefs. As it happens in life , I faced few stumbling blocks but stayed with my heart and got into professional Cinematography and Filmmaking. My passion led me into working on a lot of short films, feature films and Documentary. My pursuit of excellence led me into winning best cinematography and best editing for 'Death Alive' a short film for a national short film competition held at Hyderabad in 2012 under the banner of 48 hour film project. Since I have lived my passion all my life I am on a journey of enabling like minded people to get on to their journey and be their best. I am here to support them in whatever way I can. I believe we are the architect of our lives and we can design our lives the way we want to. I have co-founded I DESIGN MY LIFE with a mission to help you design your life.
Please write to me at [email protected]

Hi, I am Sumit Agarwal

I am Life Designer, Believer , Doer & a Finisher
Let me start from highpoint in my life - In 2007 when I went to London for work [ It was the biggest achievement for me back then] , I was living the life of my dreams. Slowly it dawned upon me that I was growing materially but I was without my soul. My life was passing by . Universe conspired and one fine day I was offered to work in a company in India called as Edureka. I pounced upon the opportunity because I was getting a chance to work with very sharp minds at Edureka and the position offered allowed me to make a difference to what I was going to do. I worked in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer at Edureka. Within Edureka I grew both as a professional as well as personal. In my journey I learned the value of dedication, hard work & faith. I became a "Believer", "Doer" and a "finisher". I got a chance to mentor a lot of people into leadership roles. This is where the turning point came for me. My eyes used to lit up when I used to see someone getting to the next level and achieving their full potential. Slowly, I realised that when I was acting as a catalyst in someone's growth - it fulfilled me and I connected to my soul. This is where I realised that I was a Life Designer as well. I took a leap of faith and founded I Designed My Life with a mission is to enable and assist other people to Design their own lives. I am a life designer now and enable people to design their lives. I have designed my life - Have you? Do write to me on [email protected]