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Achieve any goal in 42 days. In this course you will learn to conquer your mind and create habits that will lead you to your success journey

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7999 INR + GST

6 Lessons

Goal Setting & Strategies

You will create your Outcome Goals, You will apply S.M.A.R.T-P.C.E framework to set correct goals., You will create the strategy to reach your Goals.

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800 INR

10 Lessons

Create Powerful habits & Visualisation

You will understand how habits are formed, You will create powerful habits for yourself, You will create powerful environment which is aligned to your goals

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55 INR

0 Lessons

Conquer your mind

You will understand the structure of the mind, You will understand how our mind robs us in many ways, You will create strategies to win over your mind.

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60 INR

0 Lessons