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Looking for 5X-10X growth! If you are passionate about your growth, JOIN our program and grow your business actively!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to grow your business by 2X To 5X!!
  • How to change your thinking to think more smartly and more creatively about everything to do with your business.
  • How to research and plan your business in great and relevant detail so that you comprehensively understand everything about your business.
  • How to measure and review the results of your actions.
  • How to keep your business developing and how to grow your business by continual and sustainable amounts year on year.
  • How to continually attract new customers to your business, to grow your customer numbers and to retain your customers.
  • How to understand your trading market and your competitors within it better and how to outperform your competitors in every way
  • How to create awareness through social media, public relations and ‘word of mouth’.
  • To provide you advice to suit your business and your individual needs.
  • To be there for you as a mentor and a shoulder.
  • To give you the benefit of my many years in business.


Program Mode: Online

Program Duration: 3 Months

Class Schedule: Saturday & Sunday - 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM [ 4 Weeks ]

Doubt Sessions: Doubt Sessions Evening 8:30pm to 10:30pm, every Wednesday.

Personal sessions: Individual One To One support from the COACH to work on your business growth (one session every week).

Recorded Sessions: All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to all the recorded sessions.


Stage 1: MEASURE YOUR BUSINESS HEALTH: We will start by measuring your current business status.

Stage 2: GROWTH STRATEGIES: We will talk about the strategies through which any firm grows.

Stage 3: YOUR GROWTH STRATEGIES: We will then design specific growth strategies suitable for your business in particular.

Stage 4: ARE YOU GROWTH READY: We will then check that all the resources you need to grow are strategically available to you or not. If not, we will plan from where to get those.

Stage 5: GET BUSINESS INTO AUTOPILOT: We will discuss how to create an entity that works without you, so that you are free to expand the assets you have in your business. We will also discuss the ideas, how you can make your business sustainable, scalable and saleable, which is the ultimate definition of business success.

Stage 6: CREATING YOUR GROWTH PLAN: We will be laying down the specific actions that need to be taken for your growth.


Stage 8: MEASURE & CORRECT the results so as to ensure you are ready for the entire journey on your own.

Number of seats : Limited. (We will be working in small batches to ensure full attention is available to each candidate).

Curriculum For This Course







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  • About the Instructor


    Hi, I am Sumit Agarwal. I am a business and a mind coach; and a growth seeker at heart. I joined Edureka in 2013 as COO and an investor. After playing an instrumental role in growing Edureka from a 0 to a 250 crore company, without any funding, within 4 years, I took an exit. My position there gave me an opportunity to learn the rules of running a business. I have successfully mentored and coached a lot of Start-Up CEO's and worked on their innate talents and abilities. I can see people have lots of talents but when it comes to make a living out of that talent they fail at the business part. To run a successful business apart from the skill we need a right mindset, a business framework and an execution process. The Business Framework I am sharing, if executed, has the power to transform any small business into an incredible organisation. I have made it easy for you to implement this framework by customising it for your business. I have created this online program to reach even those people who are willing to grow but don't get opportunity to work one on one with a business coach or mentor. With my continuous support and guidance, I can help you to understand these principles fast and I will be there to solve the challenges you will face while actual implementation of the whole Framework. Happy growing !

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Aditya Chaturvedi
Aditya Chaturvedi
05:34 11 May 18
Meeting Sumit changed my business, personal life and inner-self for the better in so many ways! He is a coach that truly cares about his clients. I’ve done one-on-one sessions with him. Each session has been inspiring and extremely well worth the time and investment. I enjoyed the most when I got a form understanding of who I am and what my core identity is. Life since then has been more aligned.
Vibhor Agarwal
Vibhor Agarwal
16:00 15 May 18
Sumit really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the right path for me.He taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered the need to set goals, achieve them and celebrate. I have gained a lot more than I expected from life coaching. This is just the start of the new me.
shruthy p
shruthy p
13:36 16 May 18
Sumit will ask you deep questions which you didn’t know you need to ask yourself. He will empower you to design your life how you would like it to be. He does this with a great sense of humour and incisive questioning. He works with you on the core of yourself and does wonders with the understanding of your mind. He emphasises a lot on creating awareness around and then starts progressing from there.
Arvind Sharma
Arvind Sharma
08:35 12 May 18
Sumit is a wonderful personal coach! He keeps me on track. I like that he spends a lot of time in making you understand who you are as a person deep down inside. I understand myself a lot more and I feel lot more in control of life. I respond more and react less.The life skills you learn from Sumit are just amazing.I do wish that i do have meet him earlier still the sessions from him have made me more confident and strong. Keep motivating all
Pavan GS
Pavan GS
13:11 12 Jul 18
Sumit is an exceptional thinker, well wisher & mentor. I had an opportunity to get his guidance , learnt a lot from him. He taught me how to execute small tasks properly before eyeing at big tasks. I would recommend him anytime, be it a personal goal or career goal, he make a very good coach.
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