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In this course, you will learn the science behind sharpening your mind and paying attention to what matters, why multitasking is not an effective strategy for focus, overcome our tendency to multitask and focus on one thing at a time, and eventually increase our attention span.





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    Hi, I am Sumit Agarwal. I am a business and a mind coach; and a growth seeker at heart. I joined Edureka in 2013 as COO and an investor. After playing an instrumental role in growing Edureka from a 0 to a 250 crore company, without any funding, within 4 years, I took an exit. My position there gave me an opportunity to learn the rules of running a business. I have successfully mentored and coached a lot of Start-Up CEO's and worked on their innate talents and abilities. I can see people have lots of talents but when it comes to make a living out of that talent they fail at the business part. To run a successful business apart from the skill we need a right mindset, a business framework and an execution process. The Business Framework I am sharing, if executed, has the power to transform any small business into an incredible organisation. I have made it easy for you to implement this framework by customising it for your business. I have created this online program to reach even those people who are willing to grow but don't get opportunity to work one on one with a business coach or mentor. With my continuous support and guidance, I can help you to understand these principles fast and I will be there to solve the challenges you will face while actual implementation of the whole Framework. Happy growing !


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