Decode Procrastination

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By: Sumit Agarwal

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  • Course Duration : 2 Days | 6 Hours

  • Day 1 : 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM IST – 3 hours

  • Day 2 : 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM IST – 3 hours




Course Details

​​Decode Procrastination

  • ​Do you find yourself wasting time?
  • Do you promise yourself that you will do something and then when the times comes, you ditch it.
  • Are you to one who understand clearly what needs to be done but do not take an action when time comes. You then wonder why?

If you answered Y​​ES to any of these questions then this course will be ideal for you.


It focuses on "Procrastination The Thief of Time"


Procrastination is the act of postponing work, the act of de-scheduling. It’s really a big problem for many of us. This course emphasizes on what procrastination is and how many of kinds of procrastination exists. The course enroots the real cause behind, and the kind of hurdles procrastination bring in our lives.

Along with the video lectures assigned with these tutorial, you will get an exercise sheet to download and complete, to ensure that you can practically implement this course and enhance yourselves.

​​ ​​

You will observe the following changes in yourself after the completion of this course –

  • ​​Better understanding of what procrastination is.
  • Understanding how you get into procrastinate trap
  • Strategies to deal out with this procrastination bug


  • ​​You will have understanding of procrastination
  • You will have an understanding of your own procrastination habits
  • You will be able to apply strategies to deal in your work life
  • You will get online support for the implementation of your procrastination habit

Course Curriculum

1. What is Procrastination - Why does it matter?

We will look into the kind of delays which can be termed as Procrastination. We will see the kinds of costs we pay when we procrastinate

2. Most important thing to know about procrastination

We will discuss the single most biggest reason and the root of all procrastination

3. Excuses and Your Mind

To understand procrastination we need to understand our minds first. We will see the kind of tricks our mind plays when we procrastinate

4. Get Started

The key to move ahead is to "Get Started". We will understand why getting started is the best thing to do

1. Your Personality & Procrastination

We will understand the role of your personality in procrastination

2. Will Power & Procrastination

We will understand how to build up your will power and utilise it to your advantage

3. Modern day distractions and will power

We will understand the changes which have started affecting us on day to day basis

4. Your procrastination Dairy

We will look at your procrastination dairy and will decide steps which can be taken forward



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9th June 2018


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