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Pravesh Singh


I first met Sumit at one of his seminars was immediately impressed by his provocative conversations and keen insight. Sumit has an ability to hear what’s not being said, and has an uncanny ability to uncover and clarify the root causes of much of almost all the problems. I would also add that Sumit is not for everyone. The person who can best work with Sumit needs to be capable of introspection and self-examination, as well as be willing to change certain beliefs and behaviours that have served them well over years past


Principal Architect | SAP LAbs | Bangalore

Hiring Sumit as my Business coach is one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last couple of years. Sumit being a COO himself can relate to your challenges. His insightful questions help you gain better understanding at the issues at hand. He is a master of correct questions with a superb timing to add on to it. He has taught me how to get through the fluff by asking intelligent questions. He challenged my limited beliefs and helped me widen my horizon. He assisted me in giving shape to my Goals. He taught me Life Design Framework which I follows consistently and that has started giving me desired results. If you are looking for a professional coach then Sumit is your man.



As my Life Coach Sumit made a big difference in all areas of my life and I am sure whomever he has and will be coaching going forward will more than agree with me. Sumit speaks in a very easy language and asks simple question. He has created a Life Design Framework for himself and we created one for myself as well. This is a methodological approach of achieving anything in life. This has given me results on consistent basis. This is wonderful gift he has given me. I admire him for his work ethic and his ability to simply things by asking questions. Through his sessions, my life is filled with more positive energy and possibilities for working on bigger goals ahead.



My friend recommended Sumit to me. I am glad I took the decision to contact Sumit and work with him. His strength is to dissect the problem by asking questions, which assist you to reach the core of the problem. He pushes you to introspect deeply and find the answers within yourself. His sessions are very insightful. The techniques shared by Sumit are so simple, that with each passing week I felt that I was driving my life. I want to thank Sumit for assisting me in getting my mojo back.

Kavita Joshi


Sumit taught me the value of sustainable change. Most of the times changes come in flashes & you get back to your routine. He stressed the importance of sustainable life changes because life is not a sprint it’s a marathon. His questioning ability is the best. He asks you deep questions, which force you to introspect and come with answers. He does not provide you any answers but assist you in finding the answers. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to anyone.

Sunil George

Sumit motivated me and challenged me to ensure that I can work towards achieving the business goals I set. He is very methodological in approach .We created a Life Design Framework for me. I liked his approach of asking me questions. He also taught me questions thinking which is going to remain with me forever. I am a changed person and I believe this is an everlasting change. I thank Sumit from the core of my heart.

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